I'm a shopping addict.  I'm the daughter of a shopaholic.  Not that that is a reason for my shopping addiction.  I love shopping.  I love the high, and yes it is a high, I get when in a store and buying.  +

I have known for many years of my addiction.  My husband has as well, but maybe not the FULL extent of my spending.  I have the typical characteristics of a shopaholic; I forget what I buy, I  misplace what I buy, I buy duplicates frequently.  It really is shamful!!

As 2010 begins I have decided to make myself accountable for my purchases.  When I spend I need to be honest about what I spend, why I bought what I did, and how I really feel about it.

So the purpose of this blog is to make myself accountable.  I'm hoping that with dollar figures and items put down in writing I will be able to curtail and even stop my excessive spending.  I know my husband would be happy with that!!


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