Complete failure!!

Where to begin??  Yesterday was a complete disaster!! 
In adition to the shoe purchase I headed to Target while my girls were at dance rehearsal.  I only needed laundry detergent and allergy eye drops for my daughter.  I came away with laundry detergent, two storage containers, 2 packs of Soft Lip lip balm, the eye drops, 3 magazines and a package of beef jerky.

The lip balm is my favorite and I use it many times a day.  My down fall was the two new flavors that have come out....mint and rasberry.   Could I have done without them...yes.  Result Impulse buy!

The storage crates I have been thinking about getting.  One for scrapbbok supplies, the other to house our Wii games.  Did I need to buy them yesterday....no...Result Impulse buy!!

The magazines I'll just admit right now I have an addiction to cooking magazines.  Could I have done without them...absolutley...Result Impulse buy!!

The Beef Jerky......I'm PMS and craving salt and was hungry.  Result Impulse buy!!

Total spending $86.07
Total impulse spending $52.59


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