New Shoes

Today I had to take my girls to get new shoes for a dance recital they will be in on January 9th.  Their dance instructor wants all the girls in black converse or similar shoe. 

My girls each have converse...one has brown with rainbow dots, the other has sparkly rainbow covered with black lace.  Neither of these was acceptable by their instructor.

So we headed out in the rain today to get the shoes.  Of course we could not find black in either of their sizes.  Seems the way when I really need something.  After traveling to 4 different stores we settled on black Vans...similar to the converse style but no white toe. 

By the time we finally made our purchase, it was well past lunch time.  All the girls were complaining of being hungry so we stopped at Taco Bell to grab a bite to eat.

I know I had no choice in buying the shoes, but looking back on the decision to go out to eat.......we should have come home instead.  That was an impulse decision.

Today's spending total $89.63
Today's Impulse spending total $19.89


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