Purse Splurge

Last week I went out to lunch with my Mom and after we decided to go to DSW Shoes.  I'm proud to say I did not find any shoes that caught my fancy, however I DID have my eyes on a very cute summer purse.  I left the store that day WITHOUT the purse and told my self if I was still thinking about it in a week, I'd go back to get it.

Well, a week later it was still on my mind......A LOT!  So I headed back to the store yesterday and they had ONE left, so I grabbed it and checked out!  I'm excited to use it and I don't regret my purchase on e bit!


Spending Splurges

Recently I took my kids to Disneyland in California and lets just say spending was high!  I purposely took $2500 in cash and NO CREDIT CARD.  Hubby and I had done our budget and found that $2500 was my max spending limit for everything!  Although this did not include our Disney tickets our travel expenses as we had pre-saved specifically for that and paid all that in advance of our departure.

After eating out for three meals a day for 5 days and allowing each of my four children to get a souvenir I came home with $375 left from our $2500 budget.  I used the remaining $375 to purchase a months worth of groceries the day after our return.
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